About Us

POSPL has two major customers - the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGCL) and Oil India Limited. The former is located in 11 cities around the country. While the latter's activities are concentrated in the states of Rajasthan and Assam. To provide optimum services POSPL with its Head Office in Bombay has Branch Offices in all the operational areas of both customers and hence in a position to cover a major percentage of the petroleum equipment and chemical services marker in India.

The recession in the oil field industry in the Middle East, in conjunction with the liberization and privatisation of oil field development in India has opened further growth opportunities for POSPL through the establishment of the Agency Department (Oil and Gas).

Several Onshore and Offshore blocks have been set aside for the development of multinational companies on a profit sharing basis with the Government of India. These companies include BRITISH GAS/ RELIANCE / GSPCL / GAIL/ PUNJ LLOYD / JUBILANT / ADANI WELSPUN/ CAIRN ENERGY / HOEC / HARDY / MERCATOR PETROLEUM/ JAY POLYCHEM / OILEX / SELAN EXPLORATION / INTERLINK PETROLEUM / NTPC/ VASUNDHARA RESOURCES / KEI-RSOS PETROLEUM / SINTEX OIL & GAS.

Through the Agency Department POSPL has started motivating multinational companies of the U.S, U,K Canada, Singapore and the Middle East to bid for tenders floated by ONGC and Oil India Limited. POSPL offers its services as a dedicated liason partner keeping principals informed of new tenders, informing them of special modifications in the tenders, simplifying the bidding process and providing copies of past purchase orders for the principal to gain an insight to accceptible pricing.